Maps and Scenario

Even though development of a demo has been quite slow, there continues to be progress in various other important areas. One area I would like to mention are the game maps. All examples I have shown are period topo maps from the 1940’s. However, the plan all along was to allow players the option to choose between real topo maps and “curated” game maps. I am pleased to show you a sneak peek of a map in progress. Please note when we say “sneak peek” we mean the map is still in the early stages of development, and still requires a lot more work before being ready. First, here is a portion of a real topo map:
Original topo map

And this is our map of the same area that is in progress…remember, this map is still under development and this is a sneak peek so you can see the progress:
New Map and Units

You may also note the units on the new map. Here is a closer look at them:

All of this will be used in a game scenario that we are going to conduct manually (i.e. by hand!). There will be at least 2 players (1 on each side) and then a referee. The name of the scenario is Blue, Gray, and Bocage. It starts on July 11, 1944 focusing on the US 29th Infantry Division’s push to take St. Lo, and the paratroopers from the 3rd Fallschirmjager Division that fought to prevent its capture. Come follow the progress of this scenario on our forum here!!


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